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In 1990 wife and I started camping. Let me say first that my wife and her family had been camping their whole lives. We started off like most, with the finest of everything. We went to K-Mart, bought two banana chairs (I think they were on sale for $5.99 each) and a couple of sleeping bags, also on sale.

For the remainder of the summer we slept under the stairs in Southern California until finally were able to afford a small tent. The next summer we started to introduce the kids (children not goats) to camping and have continued to expand and grow since that time.

Since then we have been fortunate and have had several motorhomes. We have met 100’s if not 1000’s of great people while traveling throughout the USA. While speaking with some of them we realized the biggest problem was finding what they needed while traveling; whether it’s food, drink, medications, fuel, directions, or weather. We decided that building this site could help everyone.

Thank you all for your friendship and input. We look forward to all of you enjoying this site. Your input to improve this site is greatly appreciated, and is for everyone’s benefit.

Gary and Pat Goodwin





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